Inrate AG

Swiss banks under the microscope

Together with the independent rating agency Inrate, WWF Schweiz has reviewed retail banks in Switzerland for savings, investment, provisioning, loans and financing. Management is also taken into account. The rating provides for the first time an overview of the overall sustainability level of the 15 largest Swiss retail banks.

Three retail banks - Berner Kantonalbank, the Raiffeisen Group and Zürcher Kantonalbank - are "up to date" in terms of sustainability. Ten banks are in the "mid-range" and close "average". Two retail banks - Valiant Bank and PostFinance - were rated as "lagging behind" and thus "below average". None of the banks examined is "trend-setting" or "visionary".

The banks decide which economic sectors or activities receive the money - whether it be environmentally harmful or environmentally friendly. Thomas Vellacott, CEO of WWF Switzerland, commented:"Every franc we entrust to the bank for saving, investing or providing for the future has an impact on the environment and society. It is therefore crucial for sustainable development that banks also anchor and implement ecological and social standards in their core business.

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