Inrate SA


The new Inside!

We are pleased to present you the brand new Inside (Client Web). You will not only find our classic products in the usual quality, but also a variety of new ones with revised and extended functions in an attractive format with a suitable technical interface for even faster and easier access to the latest Inrate data.

Classical Products

ESG Impact Rating


As usual, the central element of our customer portal is the Inrate main product ESG Impact Rating. You will notice that the format feels familiar but is presented in a refreshingly different way. You will of course receive the same data as before, including reports and data exports, but you will have more opportunities to interact with them directly in the client portal.

All columns are configurable in size and number and can be arranged in any order. Columns can be sorted several times in hierarchical order. A new global filter row enables fast filtering of the data. Filters with multiple conditions including logical operators can be set. Portfolios and filters you have created can now be saved and loaded when needed. By the way, you will find these new features in all data tables. Furthermore, the entity degrees can be displayed in a graphical comparison with the respective sector.

New Products

Portfolio Manager

Now you have the possibility to create your own specific portfolios from our product universes and use them as filters in the data tables and visualizations. You can freely import entities or compile portfolios from our universes. Of course, you can manage your portfolios in detail and add, delete or update entities as you wish.

Controversies & Ticker


A further innovation is the insight into controversial events that can be assigned to an entity, as well as the influence and extent of such controversies. Controversies are always presented with a summary of the events and the source. In addition, you can subscribe to notifications about new controversies by e-mail or in Inside itself.

Critical Activities

Critical Products

Critical activities allow you to exclude entities based on the impact of their products and services on the environment and society. You can choose from 78 of our most relevant activities and sub-activities as exclusion criteria.

Critical Products

Critical Products

In order to comply with the most common responsible investment strategy in recent years from your point of view, you can now exclude entities based on your own specific ethical criteria and see the exact percentage of sales that an entity achieves in such an exclusion topic. You can choose from our seven main products and all 28 sub-products as exclusion criteria.



Previously, only the processed raw data was accessible. Now these are visualized in a clearly arranged dashboard with the most common graphics. Among them are displays of entity degrees over different distributions, distributions for screenings, controversies and much more. You can interact with them, perform drilldowns, display additional information in tooltips and set thresholds for product screening.

Interface (API)

Finally, all raw data, as offered in Inside, can be obtained via our universal REST interface at any time and without detour via the browser, so that you can integrate them automatically into your systems. You can also manage your portfolios with the interface.