Inrate SA


Inrate takes over CGAS

Inrate has acquired the shareholder services and corresponding clients of Corporate Governance Agency Switzerland, strengthening its product portfolio for engaging investors under the zRating label.
In doing so, zRating has consolidated its position as one of the leading swiss companies engaged in providing voting recommendations in the institutional area.

The takeover of the shareholder services of the Corporate Governance Agency Switzerland (CGAS) through Inrate appears logical for Christophe Volonté, Head of Corporate Governance at Inrate and Head of zRating: ”Since 2013 we have had a successful strategic alliance with CGAS and developed a common philosophy. This next logical step should help to improve Corporate Governance from a decidedly Swiss point of view”.

“The takeover of the activities through zRating improves the possibilities and strengthens the weight of improvements for the Corporate Governance in Switzerland” says Thomas Fischer, founder of CGAS. Mr. Fischer will become a member of the Board of Experts at zRating, where he will contribute to the development of voting directives through his extensive knowledge in the corporate governance field.

“In the context of sustainable investments, the dialogue with companies is becoming increasingly important” Christoph Müller explains, director of the Board of Directors at Inrate. “Therefore, the link between sustainability-analysis and designated experts in the field of Corporate Governance is of strategic importance”.