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ESG Country Rating 2019

The Top-Ten

As in previous years, this year's ranking is led by Scandinavian countries. Denmark thus comes first, Sweden second and Norway fourth. Only Switzerland as third place mixed among the Scandinavian frontrunners. The outstanding ESG performance of the top places confirms their solid sustainability profile. Furthermore, all top ten places have a democratically legitimized constitution, effective, accountable and inclusive institutions, and respect for human rights, leading to their outstandingly positive governance rating.

Inrate ESG Country Rating 2019

The annually released Inrate Country rating aims at supporting investors in assessing the impact of states by providing a sustainability measurement of governmental bonds. The measurement of a state’s sustainability impact is comparable to that of corporate bonds, yet the method and calculation of the sustainability impact of states is adapted to the function and role of states regarding sustainable development. The Inrate Country Rating methodology places a strong focus on impact and intends to complement more risk-oriented country rating approaches. The rating methodology thereby focuses on aspects, which states have a direct influence on or where they function as main actors and avoids the assessment of a country’s risk exposure or preconditions due to its development status or geographical location.

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