Inrate SA


2021 - A dynamic year @ Inrate

We are proud to have welcomed new clients, further enhanced existing relationships and contributed overall to a more sustainable finance industry in Switzerland and beyond.

In February SIX launched its first ESG Indices for general Swiss Bond and Equity markets, drawing on our ESG Impact ratings.

In June, Inrate partnered with Nasdaq to deliver its Climate impact data on the newly launched ESG Data Hub.

Inrate together with INFRAS published a study (on behalf of Greenpeace) “Sustainability Funds Hardly Direct Capital Towards Sustainability”. The study analyzed 51 sustainability funds in Switzerland and Luxembourg and compared them with conventional funds. To avoid Greenwashing, Impact Measurement is key.

Through the year, we have seen our coverage significantly increasing to reach more than 4’200 issuers by year end.

We have continued to develop our methodologies and products to address ongoing relevant sustainability issues.

In addition to the new SDG impact data, our new compliance data can be used to comply with EU regulations. We are pleased that the regulations place more emphasis on business activities – i.e. what a company produces, keyword "double materiality" – and less on reporting. Inrate has been pursuing this approach for over 20 years with its flagship product "ESG Impact Rating".

We wish you a wonderful 2022 and are looking forward to further support you.