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zRating Proxy Voting Services

Inrate offers shareholder and governance services under its label zRating. Since 2011, zRating has been actively involved in further improving corporate governance in the Swiss market. We support institutional investors in particular in exercising shareholders' rights with transparent and understandable voting recommendations and detailed corporate governance research.

Currently, 170 titles of the SPI and 20 others are covered (additional titles on request). We offer an online platform on which clients can access voting recommendations and corporate governance data (e. g. zRating, voting results, Board of Directors) and draw up an individual accountability report. In addition, zRating enters into a dialogue with all the companies examined in order to clarify positions and improve corporate governance.

Principles for the assessment of corporate governance

  • "One share - one vote"- synchronisation of capital and voting rights
  • Contemporary shareholder participation rights
  • Competence, independence and high complementarity of the Board of Directors
  • No clauses for the alleged protection of management
  • Transparent and comprehensible communication and information policy
  • Comprehensive consideration of the remuneration and compensation model

For pension funds & institutional investors

"Standard" service package
Inrate provides a written analytical report for each General Meeting (ordinary and extraordinary) of the zRating universe. This analysis contains in particular:
  • A summary of the agenda items
  • An analysis and a voting recommendation (with justification) for each item on the agenda
  • General information on the company, in particular on the composition of the Board of Directors and on the corporate governance of the company
The analytical report will be made available to the client 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. For selected companies the corresponding documents are also available in English. Other companies that are not yet included in the zRating universe, can be added with a contribution towards expenses of CHF 500.

"Pro" additional service package
The service package "Pro" offers the possibility for online recording and archiving of the own voting behavior, as well as the creation of various reports on the voting behavior. The report is also available in English. Members of the boards of trustees or the investment committee have insight into the voting behavior and are granted a voice through the feedback loop process and/or the direct voting.

"Voting" additional service package
zRating undertakes all administrative activities related to the exercise and management of voting rights for shares in the zRating universe. This activity includes in particular the administration of the voting behavior on the online account, the preparation of AGM reports (PDF), the electronic and physical archiving of voting rights documents, the preparation of a dossier for the auditors, the preparation of the annual report, as well as communication and coordination with the custodian bank regarding voting rights.

For listed companies

The "Corporate" service package applies to listed companies and serves as a database and comparison index. The information may not be used for pension funds close to the company.

"Corporate" service package
Inrate provides the following services as part of its "Corporate" service package:
  • Access to the voting recommendations of your own company and all other companies in the zRating universe
  • Access to the zRating of your own company and other public companies
  • Access to the complete database with details on the Board of Directors (e.g. independence status), development of compensation, peer comparisons, etc.
  • Delivery of the voting guidelines and the "zRating" catalogue of criteria before the General Meeting Season
  • Delivery of the annual study "Corporate Governance in Swiss Public Companies"

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