Inrate AG


Retrospective: Controversial Business Practices in 2019

Inrate manages a database with more than 15,000 controversial business practices of over 3,000 companies of major indices such as MSCI Developed Markets, MSCI Emerging Markets and the Swiss Performance Index collected over nine years. News articles are screened on a daily basis, recorded, categorized as well as evaluated in detail.

At Inrate, we have taken some time to look at the database with respect to the controversies in 2019 and to compile a list of controversial business practices which caught our attention during the last twelve months. Every chosen example is extraordinary in nature, even though for different reasons. The list includes controversies that were relevant because of the impact of the corporate conduct on environment and society as well as the perception of stakeholders thereof. Some of the controversies that emerged in 2019 or before saw significant updates during the past year. It is not a ranking of the controversies with the severest grades of 2019.