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Inrate Climate Impact

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges faced by governments, companies and investors in the 21st century. However, information requirements of investors and company reporting currently differ substantially. Most companies either do not publish any or only incomplete information on their greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, investors are increasingly becoming aware that climate risks can adversely affect the operating and market performance of invested companies and thus also the value of financial assets.

The Inrate Climate Impact product delivers total carbon intensities und total carbon footprints on company level. These are based on a quantitative model taking comprehensive input-output and life cycle data into account. This allows investors to assess the climate impact of portfolios along entire value chains, covering full supply chains, product usage and disposal (scope 1, 2 and 3). This impact assessment is a valuable starting point for investors to identify financial and reputational investment risks and opportunities.

The Inrate Climate Impact product was fully updated in Spring 2019, based on the input-output-table “Exiobase V3”.

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