Inrate AG


First Inrate Compliance Data Set: SFDR and BMR

New extended data requirements have to be fulfilled with the enactment of various EU regulations. We will be able to offer the first version of the data sets for the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the "sustainability-related disclosure" of the EU Benchmarking Regulation (BMR-ESG) in Q4 2021. The new transparency requirements can thus be implemented through our data.

With regards to the SFDR and the BMR-ESG, Inrate will provide comprehensive ESG data for the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) required or recommended by these regulations. In part, this requires supplementary reporting by the companies concerned, in part the data for the implementation of the SFDR and BMR-ESG are already available today. The new data sets include indicators such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, social and labour issues, water, waste, totalling over 66 indicators. With the additional reporting, it will be possible to add to these gradually. The compliance data set encompasses the entire coverage.

Concerning the EU taxonomy, Inrate will be able to provide the approximate share of compliant economic activities. The data is provided as a revenue share and complies with the “Minimum Safeguards” and “Do No Significant Harm” criteria.

The compliance data supplements Inrate's existing data sets. Inrate has many years of experience and expertise in measuring positive and negative impacts of corporate activities on environment and society.