Inrate AG


Judith Reutimann
Senior Sustainability Researcher
Tel: +41 58 344 00 27
Judith Reutimann has been working for Inrate within INFRAS since 2007. Her focus is on methodological developments, in particular the further development of the impact rating model and quality assurance. She is also responsible for the sustainability assessment of countries and oversees the thematic dossiers on energy, resources, water, nutrition, health and genetic engineering. At INFRAS, she has been working on projects in the fields of environment, climate, energy and sustainable development since 2007. Prior to that, she gained professional experience as a scientific assistant at the ETH and EAWAG, as well as during internships in the environmental field, including an assignment in Kenya.

Judith Reutimann holds a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Applied Statistics from ETH Zurich.