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ESG Real Estate Ratings

No other sector has such a high CO2 avoidance and adaptation potential as the construction industry. The building sector is responsible for around 40% of Switzerland's CO2 emissions. There is, therefore, a huge potential for saving energy and greenhouse gases.

Inrate has developed a specific method for the valuation of individual properties, real estate portfolios and property funds. It evaluates real estate from the point of view of the user and the company. The evaluation is based on the three areas of site quality, user quality and resource efficiency.

Inrate's real estate rating allows you to compare the sustainability of buildings with each other as well as with an average Swiss existing or new building. The assessment is suitable for both existing and new buildings. In addition to assessing the current situation, future changes, especially on the construction side, can also be considered in the assessment. This is particularly important in the case of decisions to buy or sell existing buildings in order to assess the effort needed to improve a building in terms of sustainability, or whether an improvement is difficult to achieve. Investors in real estate funds use our property rating to select the appropriate funds.

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