Inrate AG

Donald Sigrist
Senior Analyst
Tel: +41 58 344 00 00
Donald Sigrist has been working for Inrate at INFRAS since 2011. His focus is on energy and sustainable real estate. Prior to this, he was doing an internship as energy consultant for Megawatt GmbH in Berlin (2003). In Bangalore, India, he was working for EMPA on an e-Waste project (2007). For several years, parallel to his studies, he was working as scientific journalist for “Faktor Journalisten” Ltd, writing primarily about energy-efficient constructing (2001-2010). Donald Sigrist studied mechanical engineering at the ETH in Zurich with a focus on thermodynamics, power engineering, and renewable energies (Master in 2006) as well as Management, Technology and Economics (Master in 2010).