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ESG Country Ratings

Inrate's ESG Country Rating serves to assess the sustainability of government bonds. It shows how sustainable a government bond portfolio is in comparison to traditional index benchmarks. ESG Country Ratings support banks and fund providers in designing transparent, sustainable government bond funds with or without exclusion criteria.

By defining rules, enacting laws and implementing policy guidelines, states create a framework that either promotes or impedes sustainable development. Through this framework, states are able to influence companies' and society's behaviour both domestically and globally.

For this reason, states play a crucial role in shaping sustainable development. Inrate's country ratings provide investors with an assessment of policies implemented by states in regard to sustainable development.

Inrate has therefore developed a specific method to evaluate all 200 countries in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions. In addition, a specific set of exclusion criteria is available for states, which allows the exclusion of countries that have not ratified certain international treaties.

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