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Engagement focus and report 2022

Engagement focus and report 2022

The 2022 engagement season was all about change and further development. An important step was the reorganization of Inrate’s engagement team. The increased interest from the market and the internal commitment to further develop this area are reflected in the creation of the position Head of Engagement, which Tilman Jundt took over in January 2022.

Since 2006, dialogues with Swiss companies have been conducted in the name of the Corporate Governance Agency Switzerland which was acquired by Inrate in 2018. Since 2019, Inrate has been leading new-style engagements on behalf of the engagement pool called Responsible Shareholder Group (RSG) on key topics (see Engagement topics).

In 2022, we have been in exchange with 130 Swiss companies (149 since 2019). For the first time, we reported on the effect of our efforts. Out of 150 KPIs which were assessed, we could observe a positive development on 30 KPIs and even the reaching of 20 milestones. To increase transparency, Inrate published an Engagement Policy where the approach, process and engagement definitions, such as the explanation on milestones and KPIs, are openly accessible.

For further insights and information please refer to the Engagement Report and Policy.