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Client Testimonial: PUBLICA

Interview with PUBLICA
Interview with Patrick Uelfeti, Deputy Head of Asset Management, PUBLICA

What type of challenges were you facing that brought you to our engagement services?
The resources and knowledge needed to engage effectively with companies are considerable. This is why PUBLICA decided to mandate a specialist firm to perform this assignment.

Can you highlight how Inrate has helped you?
The engagement services are focused on themes and issues relevant for Swiss companies such as psychosocial risks at work or ESG in compensation systems, with a direct impact on the financial performance of corporates.

What did you appreciate the most in working with us?
We appreciate the broad based knowledge and direct access to the specialists at Inrate. In addition, it was important for us to have a partner that was able to develop a comprehensive engagement approach reflecting the values shared by PUBLICA and other Swiss institutional investors.

Portrait: PUBLICA, is an independent undertaking of the Swiss Confederation established under public law. It is organised as a collective institution currently comprising 18 pension plans. The number of active members is above 66’000 and pension recipients over 42’000. The AuM is approximately 44,0 billion Swiss francs. PUBLICA is one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland.