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Client Testimonial: ESGTI

Interview with ESGTI

How did you hear about Inrate and what convinced you to choose Inrate?
As an investment company with a diverse portfolio we leverage subject-matter experts in the field of sustainability, ESG and impact investing. Several of these partners recommended Inrate as a service provider due to its strength in understanding material sustainability issues. Inrate’s clear focus on impact rather than only ESG, was also decisive for us, as we strive to measure the positive and negative impact of our investments and were keen on an assessment by the same standard as for quoted companies, which Inrate’s methodology fully supports.

In which services were you initially interested and has this evolved along the process as you got more familiar with our offering?
We started with Inrate with the objective to complete a Business Segmentation Analysis of our portfolio. Since then, we increased our partnership to complete a full ESG Impact rating of the corporate ESGTI level and individual portfolio companies. This included Business Segmentation Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility Assessments and the Controversy Involvement Research.

Can you highlight how Inrate has helped you?
It was crucial for us to increase transparency and decision making for our key stakeholders, notably investors and shareholders through more quantitative reporting. Inrate’s research has provided new insights on our investments’ impact and sustainability factors; allowing us to engage our teams in the process of establishing material metrics and targets for continuous improvement.

What did you appreciate the most in working with us?
We certainly appreciate the dedication and support of Inrate’s team who have always demonstrated reactivity and quick turnarounds. Their knowledge of the ESG field has been an invaluable part of the collaboration, providing contextual information and advice.

ESGTI AG is an investment company driven by the overriding belief that investing based on ESG principles will deliver equal returns for investors and a better world for all. It combines the risk mitigation of ESG with the power and potential of technology to deliver impact at pace and scale. ESGTI is a listed company on the BX Swiss (symbol: ESGTI), investing in early-stage companies or projects with transformative impact objectives, offering them a platform to successfully scale their business whilst providing shareholders with long-term capital growth