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Controversial Weapons

Inrate’s Controversial Weapons Screening supports investors in either complying with legal obligations or in reducing the reputational risks associated with an investment in such companies. Inrate currently has identified over 150 companies directly or indirectly involved in controversial weapons.

Inrate uses the term “controversial weapons” to refer to either weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear or chemical weapons, or conventional weapons, such as cluster munitions or anti-personnel mines. In most countries, the production and use of controversial weapons is prohibited by international conventions. Moreover, these are deemed controversial due to the excessive and indiscriminate human suffering they cause. In some countries, the financing of companies involved in the development, production, maintenance, sale, transportation or storage controversial weapons is also illegal.

Key Benefits

  • Global coverage of all known listed, unlisted and public companies involved in controversial weapons.
  • User-friendly screening allows to select specific categories of controversial weapons and type of involvement.
  • Customizable to national legal restrictions and different investment policies.
  • Dedicated specialists in our research team are responsible for conducting the Controversial Weapon Screening.
  • Related companies and their issued financial instruments available as separate report.
  • Quarterly update based on newest findings and in-depth annual review.
  • Alert in case of additional information leads to the exclusion of important companies.

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