Quality & Integrity

Inrate prides itself on its quality and integrity. Without them the company would not be an industry leader today and they will continue to be the main drivers of our development going forward. People judge quality and integrity in different ways but for us they are reflected in our staff, our clients, our partners and our work.

Measurements of quality

Our analysts:

  • Experience- multidisciplinary backgrounds, long-standing experience in sustainability analysis
  • Capacity- over 40 analysts (including partners) but only covering 60 companies each

Our network:

  • Global partners- provide help in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Expert partners- e.g. INFRAS-Zurich, Carnegie Mellon University-Pittsburgh for specific projects

Our research:

  • Process- innovative, rigorous, access to local knowledge (proximity, language and experience)
  • Transparent- towards users and researched companies
  • Independent Board of Experts: outside view and additional expertise for quality assurance of the Inrate methodology

Measurements of integrity

  • No consulting roles with companies
  • No shareholdings in rated companies
  • Our clients have grown with us
  • Project partner to CSRR quality standard for sustainability research