Our quest for innovation stems from the fundamental question we continually ask ourselves: how can we best quantify and assess corporate sustainability practices and performance? The development of our company has traditionally been based on new thought processes and closely monitoring major sustainability trends. The spirit of innovation begins within our internal teams and is embellished by our global partner network.

A history of excellence in research innovation

1994: we pioneered the first methodology for corporate sustainability assessments based on the Brundtland Commission Report
1998: we developed our “best  in service” approach with the idea to promote the required structural change toward a sustainable way of doing business
2005: we produced the first quantitative model to assess the climate change impact of companies over the entire value chain of their activities
2006: we launched thematic research on fundamental sustainability trends- e.g. climate change, water
2009: we introduced the first methodology to assess the sustainability of private equity investments 

Future innovation

We are committed to providing innovative solutions in the future. Projects currently underway include next generation ESG analysis, or the integrated sustainability value chain assessment. We expect to remain leaders in the field of innovative research for years to come.